Christmas to reach Net Zero by 2050

In line with the North Pole Government’s commitments to the Paris Agreement, the Department of Christmas Affairs has developed a ‘net-zero’ plan to ensure that Christmas is carbon neutral by 2050.

“DCA has a long-standing commitment to lower carbon emissions and this plan will accelerate our journey. We phased out the use of coal in 2019 and of course sleigh travel is already carbon-free.” said department spokesperson Elfa Elfberg.

Carbon abatement initiatives include:

  • Trials to reduce methane emissions from reindeer by introducing a native red seaweed called asparagopsis armata into their feed (Red seaweed could be the answer to slashing methane emissions from cows, study shows - ABC News)

  • Head office and all regional offices to be powered by renewable energy no later than 2025.

  • All waste carrots, cookies, mince pies and milk will be processed in our new anaerobic digestion system, where waste is broken down by microorganisms in an oxygen-free environment to produce biogas that can be burned to generate electricity.

Santa's reindeer eating native red seaweed as part of their new diet

Image: Reindeer trialing a new diet that includes a native red seaweed

In addition, the DCA is requesting assistance from all children and their families.

“We can’t do it alone!” said Elfa Elfberg, “The scope 3 emissions from toy production and then subsequent emissions from their breakdown in landfill post Christmas are our biggest source of emissions. So we’re appealing to everyone to be mindful of their choices this Christmas and choose low carbon and low waste options wherever possible.”

But it’s not just about carbon abatement. The DCA is also future-proofing its infrastructure through climate adaptations.

“The amphibious sleigh is just one example of the Department’s commitment to Christmas in the face of rising sea levels and global warming. Now we’ll be able to land wherever children are located, even if they are living at sea.”

Artists impression of Santa's amphibious sleigh

Image: Artists impression of Santa's amphibious sleigh



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