Could you work for the Department of Christmas Affairs?

The Department of Christmas Affairs’ (DCA) Naughty and Nice list has hit a staggering 23,982 names (as of Tuesday 15 December 2020). In recent days the DCA’s website has also seen a record number of visitors.

While the department is thrilled that more and more people are embracing its mission to improve the joy of Christmas for all the world, now and for future generations – it has become difficult to keep up with the increased demand.

To continue offering a world-class Christmas service and better meet the needs of people and elves alike this Christmas season, the DCA has just launched a new recruitment campaign.

The DCA is currently looking for dedicated professionals to join its high performing teams working in the areas of:

Naughty List Intelligence
Bad Gift Enforcement
Reindeer Gift Delivery Logistics
Magic Sleigh Traffic Control

The DCA is also seeking applicants for its 2021 Graduate Program.

Working for DCA offers a range of benefits including flexible working conditions, career development plans overseen by Santa himself, and unlimited milk and cookies. You’ll also receive a remuneration package with all the jingle bells and whistles.

If you love Christmas, and want to do your part to make the world a more jolly place, head to the DCA’s careers page and apply today.

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