Magic Sleigh Traffic Controller

Postition Description

The Department of Christmas Affairs (DCA) is currently looking for an experienced air traffic controller to join our dedicated Air-bound Sleigh Safety division.

Santa’s magic sleigh is the cornerstone of Christmas Gift Delivery. With it, Santa is able to fly around the world in a single night delivering presents to everyone on the nice list. But that wouldn’t happen without the assistance and support of our high performing Sleigh Traffic Controllers.

It is imperative that Santa has clear and safe skies to fly in, so he can concentrate on delivery presents rather than worry about getting sideswiped by a red-eye commercial flight.

As a Sleigh Traffic Controller, you’ll manage the safe and orderly flow of aircraft that are sharing the same airspace as Santa’s magic sleigh.

Working at the Department of Christmas Affairs

At DCA, we offer a varied, challenging and rewarding working environment. The work we do shapes the experience of Christmas across the world.

Working for DCA offers a range of benefits including an inclusive workplace with flexible working conditions, competitive salaries, and unlimited milk and cookies.

Our career opportunities are open to all, whether you’re an elf, a recent graduate or an experienced professional.

Selection Criteria

  1. Have the ability to work collaboratively and operate effectively in a small team environment that has significant and diverse demands on their time.
  2. Liaise with senior executives to deliver quality outcomes
  3. Demonstrated experience in providing accurate, timely and appropriate advice and updates to clients and stakeholders.
  4. Knowledge of and compliance with the North Pole Government’s Service Standards and Service Design and Delivery Process to deliver outcomes that align to strategic objectives.

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