The Naughty and Nice List

The official Naughty and Nice List 2023

Last updated: 24 December 2023

The Department of Christmas Affairs uses the Global Behaviour Tracking Network and data mining technology to determine who will be in good favour come Christmas.

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With over 255 births globally per minute, the Naughty and Nice list is being continually reviewed and updated. If your name is missing, use the Name submission form to submit your name and we will add it to our processing queue.

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If you have found your name on the naughty list and would like to dispute the result, being a really good person between now and Christmas is a fast track alternative to the behavioural review system. Good deeds and genuine niceties will be detected by the Department’s Global Behaviour Tracking Network and good vibes will be sent directly to the North Pole Records Centre.

To get on the nice list fast, you need to act fast. The time frames for good behaviour adjudication are short and unforgiving.

As a result, it is extremely important that you notify the Department of Christmas Affairs as soon as you can if you believe your results are incorrect. If possible, get in touch before Christmas Day so that we can make sure your records are updated before Santa’s visit.

Your request for review is your one chance to put your entire case forward. So be sure to include all the good deeds you think make you deserving of a nice result.

At the end of the day, we want to help you be nice!

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As part of the Department of Christmas Affairs’ naughty rehabilitation program, our team of Nice Coaches help individuals achieve Nice status or make specific changes in their lives in a supportive, collaborative, strategic, accountable and empowering way.

While Nice coaches can address particular behaviours measured by the Official Naughty & Nice evaluation system, evidence based interventions delivered by a Christmachologist are more appropriate for individuals with severe Naughty concerns.

Our Nice coaches can help you:

  • Achieve nice short & long term goals
  • Personal training to develop nice default behaviours
  • Find the perfect naughty/nice balance